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Dear readers,

Welcome at this first newsletter of SUN Energy Balkan. I like to depict the image of sun as energy source and its link to our business philosophy and values.

Every hour, our planet receives more energy from the sun than the world uses during a year. This energy is essential for maintaining the life on the planet in the way we know it today. However it hasn’t been as useful as it could be to the mankind.

At SUN Energy Balkan, and at our mother company ZON Energie in the Netherlands, we believe in making renewable energy accessible. Accessible means feasible, applicable to realistic needs, financially attractive and comfortable enough for people to make it part of their everyday life. Since September 2013, we make renewables more accessible to people and their households throughout the Balkans.

At SUN, and ZON, we take pride in making renewables more accessible. It is our day to day work and commitment to a better environment, through a transparent and sustainable business model. If you can identify with these concepts and share our values – you will certainly enjoy following us as we grow.

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter and enjoy the SUN.


Sculpturen_sun_energy What are ESCO companies?

Abbreviation ESCO stands for Energy Service Company. An ESCO company is a comprehensive provider of broad range of energy related services. These includes design, implementation, risk management, energy efficiency assessment, financing of projects, energy production and management of such systems.

ESCO companies generate profits and return on their investments solely through achieving energy savings. ESCO companies operate on long term basis and often involve re-investments in installed systems to further improve energy efficiency.

At SUN Energy Balkan, we have adjusted our ESCO concept to fit the needs of residential and real estate market in general. That is also the area of our core competences allowing us to exercise most flexibility when providing solutions to our clients.

Don’t confine you imagination regarding renewables, talk to us and let’s make things happen together. You can learn more about this subject on separate sections of our website.

_asz5368 Learn more on 14th November

ZON Energie and SUN Energy are organizing a conference on use of renewable energy sources in public buildings on 14th November 2013.

On this occasion we elaborate more on application of ESCO models in residential sector explaining the benefits of cooperation that span beyond pure energy efficiency.

Together with NGO Arius for promotion of Dutch-Serbian cooperation we involve various stakeholders to tune in to the story making renewables part of the everyday life. For more information, registration and questions about the conference send an email to

Img_0614_800x533 Sustainable experience in Serbia

In 2010 the Dutch government, through the PSOM programme tendered a project in Serbia. ZON Energie, in consultation with the Dutch Embassy in Belgrade and the University of Belgrade, faculty mining and geology, chose two locations in Trstenik.

Project included the construction of a daycare centre for children with special needs and the renovation of a kindergarten.

Read more about these projects below.

I_sonds New build Daycare Trstenik

In 2011 ZON Energie realised the sustainable energy installation in a new daycare in Trstenik. The building construction is funded with donor money. The Dutch government financed the installation of the sustainable energy system. The system included heat exchangers connected to the closed well system and a heat pump.

The installation was completed just before the winter of 2011. During the last two winters use of bivalence system was not necessary, meaning that all the energy used was from the renewable source!

Img_0643_800x533 Renovation Kindergarten Trstenik

The dated, with very energy inefficient and dangerously (hot heaters near small children) energysytem and old electricity in the Kindergarten are renovated according to the Trias Energetica concept:

1. Reduce the energy demand
2. Maximize use of renewable energy sources
3. Maximize efficiency of use of fossil fuels

After thorough approach (insulation of walls, roof and replacement of windows and doors) floor heating is laid out, electricity supply is updated and washrooms are renovated. We installed an open well in the front yard of the kindergarten.

The result: comfortable, durable and above all a safe heat for the children and their nannies.

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