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Duurzaam_gebouw Renewable energy

The abundance of renewable energy extends beyond the imagination of an average consumer. Every day, the energy from the Sun that reaches the Earth exceeds the amount of energy our thirsty lifestyle consumes. Being used to consuming mostly fossil fuel, we are relatively recently looking at using renewable energy more systematically.

SUN Energy is committed to making renewable energy part of everyday life for an average consumer. For almost a decade we are proving that use of renewable energy, in combination of energy efficiency, is not only cost effective but has no drawbacks on comfort nor it costs our environment. We say it is possible, and we proved this in practice many times.

Esco_model What is an ESCo?

ESCO abbreviation stands for Energy Service Company. The concept of ESCO companies is to generate its revenues from the savings made by investment in energy efficiency. To be able to achieve this, ESCOs have capacity to develop, implement, finance and operate energy systems with constant commitment to improving energy efficiency.

Success of an ESCO project primarily depends on correctly weighting the necessary investments versus achieved savings, at current and future energy prices. A good ESCO company will be able to set up an optimally designed system to match consumption patterns, efficiently control energy use and prepare for the future together with the client. In our world, everyone wins – the clients with savings, nature with less impact and only then our business can flourish!

You can find out more on what ESCO on this link. How our projects look like and what are the benefits you can find here.

Levering Energy one-stop-shop

SUN Energy is often seen as one stop shop for the energy needs. With capacity of an ESCO company and knowledge of energy needs of consumers in collective housing and public buildings, it is no wonder that SUN Energy is a natural partner for forward looking developers, investors and homeowners’ associations.

Our ability to translate and execute ambitions of clients into technical, organizational and financially feasible models is recognized by the markets across Europe.

We see that one of our keys to success is the no-nonsense approach and the ability to get involved in projects in various stages to realize a concrete idea of our client. Whether your project is on the drawing board or already an existing building, there is probably a way our experience can help you reach more… maybe even more than you thought you could do.

What does a one-stop-shop in practice looks like and what it could do for you personly, find out here.

House_of_trust_%2813%29_%28small%29 SUN Energy meets House of Trust

On one of its first projects in a new market in Serbia, SUN Energy has teamed up with House of Trust in execution phase of a 48 apartment project in Belgrade. Two companies joined efforts to set up a SPV to service this project called Geotermal Invest.

Contrary to common situation on the market where clients connected to state district heating receive heating service in period from 15th October till 15th April during daytime from 06.00 till 22.00 – we offered more to residents of the Rada Koncara street.

By using renewables, we are able to provide 24/7 heating on any cold day during the year and, for the same tariff, clients are getting cooling in the summer!

Stay tuned by following us on Facebook and LinkedIn for more information on this project and learn how our new clients respond to more comfort for the same amount they used to pay for substantially less comfort.

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