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Exchange knowledge with ZON Energie
Imag0017 SUN visits the Netherlands

SUN Energy Balkan is a daughter company of ZON Energie from the Netherlands. To underline this relation, I visit the Netherlands several times every year for updates in technical field, exchange of knowledge in financial and administrative fields related to operation of renewable energy systems.

Perhaps equally important to office meetings are the visits to the new projects on sites! Together with specialists from ZON Energie we are discussing technical performances of the installations on sites.

Upon sending this newsletter I am in the Netherlands.

If you are interested in seeing the projects globally, have a look at

In the next news item you can read about a ZON project – known as “Zero on the meter”.

Afbeelding_vvs VVS’46 keeps a zero on the meter

One of the newest projects of ZON Energie is ‘VVS’46 keeps a zero on the meter’. Soccer club VVS’46 from Spanbroek is the first club in North Holland to become energy neutral. The complex consists of four football fields (one with artificial grass), changing rooms, canteen and a sports hall. With a growing number of members over the recent period, the energy consumption is increasing as is the energy bill of the club.

Friends of the club teamed up to provide a solution to allows the club to keep a zero on its scoreboard. Some 450 solar panels, together with heat pumps powered by six probes, each 150m deep, now provides in the energy need of VVS’46.

This means comfortable temperatures in all facilities, indoor and outdoor lighting and hot water for the facility.

Since 3rd July, when the system became operational, the energy meter of the club kept zero. However, the renewables momentum does not end there as the club is planning to install charging stations for electric cars on its parking lot.

ZON Energie is making the infrastructure of the VVS’46 future proof – we can do the same for you, just ask us how!

Finance_en_techniek Sustainable football club with help of our ESCo concept

Just like with many other projects from ZON Energie the investment involved in the renewable installations of soccerball club VVS’46 is brought in an ESCO framework.

By investing in the systems powered by renewable the energy service companies are creating value in long term period through financial, technical and organizational benefits for the end users.

To convince you and to make the ESCO concept clearer for you, we made a graphical demonstration to what it means to a developer.

Follow this link for our ESCo animation.

Geokoax Drilling geothermal probes in project Tetovska

SUN Energy Balkan uses the same ESCo concept as in the Netherlands, we use this ESCo model in Serbia.

Developer IS Invest from Belgrade is finishing a building with 16 apartments of Tetovska project. SUN Energy Balkan is technical developer and investor in the energy system of the building.

As the building is reaching its completion and internal installations are ready there are just few more steps to take before the system is operational. Our contractors are working hard to deliver the remaining components of the system on time.

At the moment, ground is being drilled and probes are being installed to provide the necessary heat for the apartments in winter periods. In the summer, the probes will be programmed to take away the heat from the apartments. It is stored in the ground till the residents require heat again – in the winter.

The project will be ready and operational this year. Through our newsletters we will keep informing you about the progress.

Pv_staand Dutch renewable energy pool expanding in the Balkans

Blue Planet Balkan is a new player on the renewable energy market in Serbia. Together with S-Biom and SUN Energy Balkan, the company will install its first of four small-scale PV plants on top of a pellet factory in Loznica. SUN Energy Balkan is proud to be part of the growing community of investors in renewables in Serbia.

Currently, less than 10MW of electricity is being produced with solar energy in Serbia as many projects are still in the pipeline waiting for execution. Given the insolation available and favourable legal climate, it can be expected that this figure will grow in the coming years. By growing together with our partners and sharing the experience we have in obtaining best results even in less favourable conditions, SUN Energy is becoming an indispensable player in the market.

What can you achieve and what are your ambitions in PV? Let us know and let’s start a discussion!

Sun_energy_balkan SUN Energy Balkan to provide energy for 75 apartments in Belgrade

SUN Energy Balkan has been assigned to develop, install, finance and operate a heating and cooling system for a residential complex in Belgrade. The apartment complex is located on the corner of Vojislava Ilica and Radojke Lakic and the proposed project name is SUN VIRAL.

The project spans on about 7,000m2 of space and will include 75 apartments which will be heated and cooled by geothermal energy provided from the probes underneath the building. This is so far the biggest project in which SUN Energy Balkan has been involved in Serbia.

It is expected that first residents will move in in March 2015.

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